Turning students into musicians and musicians into artists

The benefits of private music lessons are numerous, from increased confidence to better cognitive functioning, school performance and social skills. No matter your age or experience level, learning an instrument is a rewarding, fun activity that will bring joy and confidence to your life. We aim to offer the best possible private instrument lessons alongside engaging programs and an on-site recording studio to give you the most well-rounded musical experience.

Our unique approach is designed to offer you the most fun, personalized and professional experience possible, while serving our community and helping students become the best they can be. We are committed to building a strong educational foundation while also encouraging creativity, self-expression and discovery of each student’s unique passions and gifting. Whether you are pursuing a hobby or pursuing a career, we help you build your skills and enhance your life with the joy of music.

What makes us different?

Focused 100% On Music
We're one of the few local music studios that focuses 100% on music. We're not a retail store with lesson rooms in the back or a dance and acting studio that also offers music lessons. We live and breathe music, allowing us to go more in-depth with our programs, teach more instruments and offer specialized instruction taught by experts.

Integrated, Comprehensive Model
No matter what your musical goals are, we offer personalized instruction tailored to your experience, interests and skills. Our unique "Learn. Play. Create." model combines private music lessons, live performance, songwriting and a professional recording studio to give you a truly comprehensive musical education. From learning to play an instrument, to playing on stage, to creating original songs, we grow with you as you grow.

Rooted In Technique, Founded On Fun
While we have a great respect for theory, we teach you more than just scales. We love all types of music, from classical piano to synthesizers, and we are committed to teaching students the things they actually want to learn. Whether you want to play that song you've always loved, nail a killer guitar solo or make hip hop beats, we're here to help you reach that goal while making sure you get a solid musical education. You'll be having so much fun you won't even realize you're learning things like music theory and technique!

Real-Life Musical Experiences
While learning an instrument alone has all kinds of benefits like increased self-esteem, cognitive development and performance at school and work, there's nothing more fun than having an amazing, real-life musical experience. From playing on stage in a top Nashville music venue to recording music and releasing it on iTunes & Spotify, we create experiences that are as true-to-life as possible, boosting your confidence and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Nurturing, Professional Instructors
We offer the best private music lessons in Nashville because we hire the best instructors. All of our private music teachers are college-educated, professional musicians who know how to kindle a passion for music and encourage the commitment to succeed in your instrument of choice. There's a reason why so many professional musicians bring their own children to Sky Studios: they know they will learn from the best.

Family- & Community-Minded
We are a local, family-owned business that has been part of the Brentwood, TN community for 15 years. We know every student by name and truly feel like a part of our students' families (no big-box corporate machines here). We love being part of this community and are always looking for ways to serve.