“Sky Studios offers one-on-one lessons from instructors who care about the student's best interest. Chris has been going there for six years, and I can not say enough good things about these instructors. It seems the instructors know all the students and family members. There are so many reasons to trust Sky Studios for your musical studies.”

Wanda and Les Harper

"Sky Studios is undoubtedly a second home to me...it has given me so much confidence, and has helped me find my true passion and talent. I know my life would never be the same without Sky Studios, and for this I thank Schylar, Geno and everyone at Sky Studios for everything they have done to help me in my music career."

ElaBeth Chawan, private lesson and RockBand student

"Connor was a shy 13 year old when we walked into Sky Studios three years ago! He was finally ready to take guitar lessons. To commit to practicing without parental nagging.
Schylar was and is very patient and truly compassionate about music and teaching. Connor liked him immediately. It was a combination of the hair, the hats, his love of music, guitar skills and his genuinely warm personality!
Connor has come out of his shell and is always playing his guitars! We haven't once had to chase him to practice! When he got a new guitar or pedal he couldn't wait to show it to Schylar!
We also love programs like Rock Band. Having others to play with and performing on stage with peers and teachers! A real show! Lots of fun!
We are so happy that Sky Studios is evolving and thriving under Schylar's leadership! It is a great environment! There's always a smile and a hi when you walk in! Our son loves it!!"

Liz South, parent

"Music teachers make or break the life-long music interest of a child through the personality and style of their teaching. Sky Studios has been an extremely effective music program for our children. They understand how to identify the natural gift of the child and customize the music training methodology according to the student’s interest and style. This, in turn, unlocks their full potential, aspiration and acceleration of learning, and results in a life-long desire to pursue the musical attributes that enrich their lives and develop the creative side of their brain."

Jozef Nuyens, founding partner Fivestone Partners; co-owner, The Castle Recording Studios