Find your voice

Discover your inner artist, as you move from learning to play to learning to create. Songwriting programs are designed to help you go from playing covers to writing your own original material. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can learn the skills and principles you need to find your voice, express yourself and create your own music.


SongCraft is an interactive songwriting program that teaches students the fundamentals of songwriting while guiding them through the process of creating their own original compositions. Through guided group rehearsals, SongCraft students learn foundational songwriting principles, including history, technique, arrangements, lyric writing and song structure, while also creating and crafting their own original compositions. Rehearsal time is spent co-writing in a group, mimicking real writing sessions on Music Row. The program culminates with a Writer's Round showcase, where students perform their original songs "in-the-round" style, with each student taking the lead on at least one song that he or she wrote.

Two sessions per year are offered:

Recording Programs

Go on the record

Whether you're a student or artist looking to book studio time or an advanced student seeking the experience of being signed to a record label, our recording programs give you the chance to create music that will last a lifetime. Our in-house studio is the perfect place to cut a track or band together with fellow students to create original music. We also offer record production lessons by request.

Studio Time

Students and artists interested in recording a song or EP can book studio time at Sky Studios. There are a number of session options available, including sessions with an instructor present or sessions with only an engineer/producer. Inquire for pricing and booking.

The Mix

The Mix walks students through the fundamentals of beat making while working with an instructor/producer to create their own original compositions. We begin by learning the basic principles of rhythm and music theory as well as the history of synth and hip hop to give students a solid foundation in the art of beat making. Students are then turned loose in the studio, using both analog synthesizers and Pro Tools to create original music and release it on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere you can find music. The Mix concludes with an exclusive live showcase at a top Nashville music venue, where students will perform a DJ set featuring their newly created hits.

Session Length: Approximately 6 months

Record Deal

Record Deal is an elite program that gives students the full experience of being in an original band, from songwriting to recording to releasing original music.

We place students in bands and sign them to Sky Records, our exclusive record label. Over the course of the program, the students work together to write original songs, record those songs in our studio with a producer, release their record on our label and throw a record release show at one of Nashville’s premier venues.

Throughout the process, we teach students the ins and outs of the music industry, building their music skills and business skills - from how to release a record on iTunes and Spotify to how royalties and ticket sales work. We also hold several Master Sessions for Record Deal students, where we bring in industry experts who give students the need-to-know to make it in the ever-changing music industry, including finance, legal, marketing and social media, booking and management, publishing and more.

From naming the band to deciding on whether or not sell merch to actually making money off ticket and record sales, the students drive the process and make creative decisions, with the oversight of our instructors -- much like a real record deal. Students will walk away with unmatched music skills, business savvy, life-long friendships and an unforgettable experience of being in a real-life indie band.

Record Deal is by audition or request only. It’s ideal for students who have been playing for several years and are interested in pursuing a career in music or taking their skills to the next level. Please contact us for more information or to audition for our next session.

Session Length: Approximately 6 months