Sky Records is the official record label of Sky Studios. We offer a wide array of recording services to artists and musicians. Whether you need a demo or full production, an EP or full album, Schylar will help you identify and capture your unique sound. Don’t have a drummer/bass player/cowbell guy? No problem - our network of extremely talented musicians is available to play on your record, whatever your style (just call us The Swampers).

Sky Records is committed to true artistry, authenticity and the best sound possible. Using a combination of modern gear and vintage techniques we make your record sound bold, alive, human and most importantly, like you. We’re daring when needed (like not being afraid to cut things live), meticulous when it comes to capturing a sound and always approachable, comfortable and fun.

In addition to getting studio space and a producer, recording at Sky Studios allows you to release your music on the Sky Records label, which gives you credibility and access to special showcases, marketing services and a network of other independent artists. We are passionate about partnering with artists to help them make their dreams a reality.

To book studio time or inquire about becoming a Sky Records artist, contact Schylar at