You know how to play; now it’s time to jam! We take students from school to stage, creating opportunities for them to rock out in real-life shows at some of Nashville’s best venues. Each of our live performance opportunities gives students the chance to apply what they’ve learned and have a hands-on and immersive music experience, while having a blast and watching their confidence skyrocket.

Playing live provides students with clear goals and benchmarks, boosts their skills and teaches them to play well with others (both on and off stage). We offer live performance opportunities for students of all skill levels.


We host several live showcases throughout the year at some of Nashville’s top music venues. Open to students of all skill levels and all instruments, this is your chance to share what you’ve learned with the world. The cost to participate in the showcase is $20 for roster students and $30 for off-roster students. You can work with your instructor to select and learn songs leading up to the performance.


Always dreamed of being in a band? RockBand is your chance – a true rockin’ experience where you and your band will learn and play your favorite songs at some of Nashville’s coolest music venues!

In our RockBand program, we place students in bands, teach them the songs of their choice and give them the opportunity to perform in exclusive showcases at some of the top venues in town. Band rehearsals are guided by an instructor and include coaching on learning the songs, playing together, teamwork, stage presence and more. Nothing takes your musical skills to the next level like playing with others does, and RockBand gives you the all the fun of starting a band with your friends plus the benefit of having an instructor there to help you grow and learn the right skills.

Four sessions per year are offered:

Price: $260 per session. Includes 6 group rehearsals and a showcase.


If you lean more towards Ed Sheeran than Eddie Van Halen, CoffeeHouse is perfect for you. CoffeeHouse gives solo artists an opportunity to learn a series of acoustic songs and perform them live at one of Nashville’s top music venues. Though each student will learn his or her own set, guided group rehearsals with an instructor help students master their chosen songs and gain the confidence to perform on stage.

Four sessions per year are offered:

Price: $260 per session. Includes 6 group rehearsals and a showcase.

Pop Orchestra

Pop Orchestra gives strings players the opportunity to play with a group and learn the joys and techniques of being in an ensemble. Sessions consist of guided group rehearsals where students learn to play songs together and culminate in an opportunity for students to perform live. Led by our incredible violin/fiddle instructors, Pop Orchestras learn both classic instrumental songs and modern songs with vocals, and they perform these songs in showcases at Nashville’s top venues.