Instruments: Piano/Keyboard; Guitar; Ukulele

Schylar Shoates is a musician, producer, instructor and the owner of Sky Studios. Born and raised in Dalton, Georgia, Schylar picked up a guitar at age 11 and never looked back. Inspired by the likes of Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and David Bowie, he was rarely seen without a guitar in his hand, and from a young age, set out to pursue a career in music. In 1998, he moved to Nashville to attend Middle Tennessee State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Recording Industry with an emphasis in Production & Technology.

After graduating from MTSU, Schylar worked at Sky Studios (under the name Gene Ford Music) for 10 years. He taught under Gene’s leadership, helping create new programs and forge the path for the studio’s live performance and recording offerings. In 2015, Schylar purchased the studio and assumed his current role as owner. In addition to keeping Sky Studios up and running, Schylar teaches guitar, bass, piano, ukulele and voice, and heads up the Record Deal program. Schylar’s students have earned more $30,000 in scholarships from Berklee School of Music in Boston and other top music universities.

As a session player, lead guitarist and producer, Schylar has worked with Grammy-winning artists, hit songwriters, top producers, publishers and managers. He has played with original bands and established artists, produced everyone from student bands to original acts, and continues to play with and produce independent artists in Nashville. Schylar has carefully studied the techniques, tones and styles of some of the world’s most revered musicians and producers, making him ready to help you learn and capture your favorite songs and styles. His attention to detail along with his dynamic and encouraging approach make Schylar a well-loved teacher, producer and leader.