Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Pedal Steel

Matt Lund performs, composes, produces and teaches music. His main instrument is electric guitar but he also plays acoustic, classical and pedal steel guitar, as well as mandolin, banjo, bass and ukulele.

Matt has over 20 years of teaching experience, both at Sky Studios and as an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and a Master of Arts in Jazz from MTSU. Great for both beginners and advanced students alike, Matt’s teaching spans a number of genres as well as foundational and advanced techniques. Matt has taught at Sky Studios for 10 years, and many of his students have gone on to receive musical scholarships and have successful musical careers. 

In addition to teaching, Matt is currently active as a solo artist and in the bands Rescued Souls (Christian Rock and Worship), The Lund McVey Group (Jazz and Fusion), The Time Raiders (Pop/Rock/Dance Cover Band), and Axe Of God (Instrumental Progressive Rock and Metal).  He has professional experience performing and recording rock, jazz, classical, blues, pop, R&B, folk, country, heavy metal, and fusion, and he has released 10 albums of original material. Matt has also performed with many acclaimed and Grammy Award-winning musicians including Jeff Coffin, Greg Osby, Danny Baker, Stephon Harris, Tom Harrell, Snooky Young, Narada Michael Walden, Don Aliquo, Jamey Simmons and Clay Jenkins. 

To hear his playing and learn more about him, please check out Matt Lund Music.

Top three desert island albums:

  • Wes Montgomery – The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery

  • Dream Theater – The Astonishing

  • Tribal Tech – Reality Check

Favorite places in Nashville/Brentwood:

  • Seeing shows at The Ryman

  • Performing and hanging out at Arrington Vineyards

  • Going to Predators games

Why do you love music?

I love music because it is a form of art and communication that speaks greatly to me.  I am constantly mystified by its power to change my state of mind and affect my heart.  Listening to and playing and writing music is one of the great joys of my life.

What is your teaching style/philosophy?

My teaching style/philosophy is to be focused on the music and the feelings that go with it while learning to understand what is happening behind the music in terms of the instrument we are playing and the system and language of music. I try to educate my students about music while also learning to play it. This includes reading music in different ways, critical listening, understanding music theory, learning scales and chords and their names, techniques of guitar playing, and of course lots of songs!  Whenever possible, I like to let the student choose the songs they learn as well. I am passionate about teaching because it is a calling for me in general (I have been teaching almost as long as I have been playing). Also, everyone who plays has learned from others (including myself), so I want to continue that tradition and provide people with the opportunity to experience the joy of learning to play an instrument.