Private music lessons and recording studio in Brentwood, TN

Sky Studios is a private music lessons and recording studio in Brentwood, TN. We provide top-of-the-line private instrument lessons, live performance programs and a songwriting and recording studio to help you or your child learn, play and create music.

Our local music studio specializes in private music lessons for kids and adults, and we will pair you with the perfect music teacher for whatever your experience level is. Through education and enrichment programs that grow with you, we are here to help you discover your passions, build your confidence and pursue your musical dreams!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Live Performance

Live Performance

Songwriting & Recording

Songwriting & Recording

What We Teach

  • Guitar

  • Piano/Keyboard

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • Violin/Fiddle

  • Mandolin

  • Banjo

  • Ukulele

  • Saxophone

  • Flute

  • Clarinet

  • Voice

Location & Hours

330 Franklin Road, Suite 276B Brentwood, TN 37207
Conveniently located next to T.J.Maxx!

Hours: Monday - Thursday, 2PM to 8PM Friday, 3PM to 6PM Saturday, 11AM to 2PM

Call to request/book studio hours. (615) 371-1661

“Sky Studios offers one-on-one lessons from instructors who care about the student's best interest. Chris has been going there for six years, and I can not say enough good things about these instructors. It seems the instructors know all the students and family members. There are so many reasons to trust Sky Studios for your musical studies.”

Wanda and Les Harper

"Sky Studios is undoubtedly a second home to has given me so much confidence, and has helped me find my true passion and talent. I know my life would never be the same without Sky Studios, and for this I thank Schylar, Geno and everyone at Sky Studios for everything they have done to help me in my music career."

ElaBeth Chawan, private lesson and RockBand student

"Music teachers make or break the life-long music interest of a child through the personality and style of their teaching. Sky Studios has been an extremely effective music program for our children. They understand how to identify the natural gift of the child and customize the music training methodology according to the student’s interest and style. This, in turn, unlocks their full potential, aspiration and acceleration of learning, and results in a life-long desire to pursue the musical attributes that enrich their lives and develop the creative side of their brain."

Jozef Nuyens, founding partner Fivestone Partners; co-owner, The Castle Recording Studios

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